Re: customer user accounts and internal user accounts on same domain

Most companies do allow vendor accounts,service accounts for remote vendor support, etc. however Customer accounts are a different story. Look at a University/College as a model. Students are usually in an isolated domain with limited access to the employee network.

Who's going to clean up all old customer accounts.

Users will inherit all permissions associated with the domain users group.

Mention to them,the requirement for 42 or 90 ? day password changes a domain wide setting applied to every user consistently and can not be changed unless you are on a 2008 DC.

Talk to them about possible hacking attempts from, privilege escalation, denial of service accounts, if an external user can perform login attempts against your internal domain controller, it would be easy to enumerate all user accounts then systematically lock out or disable all of the user accounts, in effect causing a denial of service. And I can do this sitting on my couch from the house.

A DMZ Domain would be a better idea sounds like you already know that ,if they are concerned with cost, look into virtualizing the domain controllers with Vmware 3i it's free.

Also mention something about requiring a Microsoft cal license for every ad user, legal fees etc, if they don't accept your ideas. BS them if you have to as a fallback. It works in someplace and can be used as a last resort.

Sounds like your boss or upper management there are a bunch of "tools"

Good luck.


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Hi, I'm trying to dissuade management from allowing user accounts to be created on the same domain as our company users for what I feel are obvious reasons, but when pressed for specific issues I'm at a bit of a loss. I cited reasons such as;
A clear demarc between customer accounts and our own accounts
Not giving any unnecessary rights due to inheritance, but rather having to apply the appropriate permissions rather than remove permissions to attain the desired result

They want to extend a service we offer to our internal employees to a partner. I suggested creating an extranet and using accounts from a separate domain rather than our own, but there is additional overhead imposed by such as design.duh.but I'm hoping to throw out an established standard or something to help my argument.

Thank you,

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