Re: S-1-5-21...

Red Cat wrote:

Thanks a lot for the comments so far. I'm starting to grasp the basic
idea of SID's and AD. But now my question is, why does that user,
"None" or that SID S-1-5-21... appear only for this specific folder?
I'm almost 100% positive it has nothing to do with past accounts
because I've never deleted any to my knowledge. Why does it show up
now and only for this specific folder? The only thing different I can
think of is that this folder was created from a tarball using Cygwin.
(The tarball was downloaded from John the Ripper)... Does that have
anything to do with it? Is Cygwin or John the Ripper burrowing into my
system? Is that why it's coming up? Should I delete it? (I thought
John the Ripper was safe enough...) Once again, thanks for all the
great comments and thanks in advance.

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Cygwin. I reinstalled my laptop yesterday and I tried to create a group "None" before and after that. I had Cygwin installed before I reinstalled. Btw, it was on Windows Server 2008.

But I dont know any more than that ;)

Jørgen Hovelsen