RE: ISA as a proxy

ISA supports HTTP(S) bridging (web publishing) or tunneling (server publishing).
Web publishing can operate in either symmetric (same protocol external/internal) or asymmetric (different internal/external) and supports HTTP-FTP publishing as well (no FTPS, though).
Either web publishing or server publishing can also perform PAT.


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So I guess I have a question on ISA as a reverse proxy (as I'm not too
familiar with the product).

Does ISA support HTTPS/SSL through the proxy? How about to separate


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I have been using ISA 2006 as a web proxy for a year or so. It is used
also as a reverse proxy (web publishing), and so far it's a stable
product without any problems.

It is important to dimension the size of the cache in advance so you
don't have to resize it later. I'm currently using aprox. 30 GB and
it's a fine size for 120 users.



On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 3:19 AM, <raz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


i was wandering if anyone has any experiance with ISA 2006 functioning
a proxy and what are the conclusions


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