Re: More along the lines of malware disinfection

Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers wrote:
Well, some of us just don't consider botnets acceptable. Apparently you
have a different opinion on that.

Neither do I. I just don't think it is necessary in a lot of cases to wipe everything out in order to get rid of a malware infection.

I am perfectly aware that malware with rootkit-style capabilities can render security tools useless, however I don't think I've yet seen a case where every technique/tool I use has come up with negative results when there are still symptoms of an infection.

Of course, I haven't yet been called out because a customer hasn't noticed any symptoms of a system infection. I'm perfectly willing to accept the possibility that a "100% undetectable" rootkit has slipped by me at some point, after all, it could be on my system right now. It could have been on that customer's system when all they asked me to do was fix their printer problem.

Furthermore, I think if you take your point of view through to its logical conclusion, you should be reinstalling all of your systems (and any system you ever administrate) on an extremely regular basis. Good luck with that.

Mike Moratz-Coppins

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