RE: Centralizing Event Viewer Logs

Take a look at Event Tracker from Prism Microsystems. It's pretty
extensive as far as what it can do, so it may be more than you are
looking for, but it's worth a visit:

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Thanks for all the quick input folks. I will definitely look into each


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There are several alternatives, but I've settled on the Kiwisoft
syslog server (the free version is fine, but the pay version is cheap
and does some very nice extra things) and the IntersectAlliance Snare
syslog client. The Snare client takes each event entry, formats it to
a single line, then sends it to the syslog server. Install it on each
of your machines for which you are monitoring event logs, and it works

On Jan 29, 2008 11:51 AM, Ron Johnson - Adhost <ron@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello List:

I was looking into options that will allow us to centralize Event
Logs in an Active Directory domain - can anyone recommend any software
for this? It would be great if we could find a piece of software that
does just this - not a full blown enterprise security solution that
cost$ and does many other things that we wouldn't use it for


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