RE: At long last - Extra Outlooks!

FYI - this works for 2007, not 2003. We're seeing about writing one for
2003, but it may be a few weeks.


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As long as Outlook has been around, people have been trying to get two
instances running at the same time. Not multiple profiles that you can
load when starting Outlook, but two separate instances running
concurrently, each with their own associated profile. After all,
(even 2007) only lets you connect to a single Exchange server per
profile... And that sucks.
What would be great is to have one instance connected up to your
"business" Exchange Server, and another connected up to your
Exchange Server (and of course, to other people's Exchange servers who
don't you know have an account on their box ;).
If you've tried to do this, you've found that no matter what you do,
can't run two (or more) Outlooks at the same time, even if you try
renaming .exe's, using command-line profile specifications, or any