Re: Software smart-card emulation

Good for a lockdown, not for a simple authenticated/secure/whatnot on/off.

Ideally, for a low-administration on/off access setup, it's not
helpful to grab RAM from 20 or more machines, not counting how many
floors/offices/states you're in. ... not counting storing them to
where static electricity won't eat them alive, any sorting of
different spec cards for different types of machines, or PUTTING THEM

Something I've found to be better, BTW, at on/off bricking a system,
is simply flipping the 120/240 switch on the power supply. The thing
simply won't turn on if that isn't right.

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If you really want the machine not to function while you're away just take the ram out. I mean I don't see people exactly carrying spare ram in their pockets.


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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 13:25:06
Subject: Re: Software smart-card emulation

I'm no expert, hardly, but I imagine you can do something custom with
mini-CDs, CDs, floppys, or USB keys that hold the certificate data,
and just set the authenticating machine to run the auto-play through
the authenticating program, with the added benefit that they can
function like a USB dongle-lock, so the computers won't function if
they don't have the cd/usb key/etc.

Just my two cents
John Calvin

On 8/28/07, Thor (Hammer of God) <thor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greetings security professionals:

Has anyone worked with a software Smart Card emulation package they can
recommend? The goal is to test different "client authentication"
Windows smart card implementations without having to go out and purchase
the actual physical hardware (and cards) to do so. Basically, I want
something that will let me offer up a cert to a server/service as if it
were a "smart card."


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