Re: NTFS default special permissions

On 2007-08-22 Robert McIntyre wrote:
On my Windows 2003 servers we create a data partition and format it
with NTFS. The default permissions for Users are Read & Execute, List
Folder Contents, and Read. This is what we want. But the Users
account also gets the special permissions Create Folders\Append Data
and Create Files\Write Data.

From the articles that I have seen on TechNet, the special permissions
are not needed if we only want read access. So why are they there by
default? What purpose do they serve? If we remove the special
permissions will it cause problems?

The only thing that I could think of is that maybe it is needed to
create a temporary file when you open a document for reading.

If you remove those ACEs your users will be unable to create files and
folders on that partition. That may cause problems e.g. in cases when
they need to open files with progams like MS Word, because Word creates
temp files in the same directory as the document.

Ansgar Wiechers
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