RE: Password complexity - improvement

I think you are arguing two different points here.

One is the number of possible passwords and the other is
negative impacts on security.

He is correct when he says it reduces the number of
passwords, but incorrect when he says it diminishes

In the example you give below, if all four aspects are
enforced, then the second password could not be used. This
does in fact "reduce the number of possible passwords".

Another example would be the difference between requiring
that a password be exactly 8 characters in length, and
allowing a password to be any length up to 8 characters.
The latter would allow for a lot more possible combinations,
but does not remove the fact that a 1 character password is
not nearly as secure.

Just my 2 cents.

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You're absolutely wrong in your statement here. Enforcing
that MUST consist of uppercase letters, lowercase letter,
numbers AND
special characters INCREASES the total number of possible
which in turn has a positive impact on your security.

It is much harder to break a password of AaBb1! than aabb1!
The more
options there are that are enforced, the more complex the
The determining factor in this case would be how long or
short the
password lengths are.


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On 2007-08-15 dubaisans dubai wrote:
Is there a way to improve the password complexity
requirements in
Windows 2000/2003 servers

The default will enforce 3 of the following 4 properties -
smallercase, numbers, special-characters.

Is there a way to enforce all 4 properties.

Enforcing passwords that MUST consist of uppercase letters,
letters, numbers AND special characters reduces the total
number of
possible passwords, which in consequence has a negative
impact on your

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