Re: USB device control software

Have you checked out Safeboot's Port Control?


On 7/5/07, Michael van Zwieten <MvanZwieten@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi group... I'm looking for a good USB device control software that
would prevent people from plugging in USB drives, USB keys, firewire,
reading/writing to floppy's/CD's/etc. and control this all with Group
Policy. I'd like to allow some users or groups to be able to use these
devices, but have the majority of our users blocked from using them.

I've found 2 solutions sofar, and was wondering if you all had any
experience with these, and what your thoughts are? Or if you have a
better solution or suggestion?

First one is "Sanctuary Device Control" from SecureWave:

Second one is "DeviceLock" from Smartline:

Thanks much in advance for your responses!

Take care,