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Harlan, et al

To access the security regkeys in HKLM you don't need to change the ACLs.

This is an age-old (well, since early NT4 anyway) trick to get LOCALSYSTEM
privs on anything that allows you to run an AT job:

. Get the current time.
. From CMD line run "AT <time+1 minute> /interactive CMD.EXE".
. Wait for a minute.
. CMD window opens in LOCALSYSTEM context.
. Run REGEDIT from new CMD window.
. Navigate to HKLM\SECURITY.
. Marvel at now visible security keys: Cache, Policy, RXACT, SAM.

This particular trick is the basis for a deal of trivial priv escalation
attacks on windows, so if you can, you should secure the Task Scheduler with
a non-priv'ed user or disable it. Another good reason for not giving users
local admin rights.



James D. Stallard, MIoD
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I've done some googling and am finding that the
new RR version checks the
security hive(which I believe to be 'invisible' to
regedit-can someone
correct me if I'm wrong?).

On a live system, the Security hive is not accessible by default. You need
to change the ACLs so that the Admin has the ability to read the hive.

I know I am coming late on this one, but registry keys that contain
NULL characters cannot be accessed through REGEDIT. You have to rely
on the low-level NTDLL API to access them. It is known "copy
protection" trick :)


Harlan Carvey, CISSP
author: "Windows Forensic Analysis"

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