Re: Shared drives through a firewall

On 22 Mar 2007 14:46:17 -0000
aeheald@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

The configuration is actually:
trusted >>fw>>fw>>untrusted >>fw>>internet.

I haven't found a lot on the web that could help me
specifically, so any pointers would be useful.

They are using 137 and 139 outbound to do these connections.

Thanks for what's come forward so far!


There are many ways of sharing drives in an ALMOST secure ways. It
very much depends on the network design.

MS even provide IPSec. Search for it on and
on the technet, there are many good articles.

I personally have used OpenVPN very successfully from
It's very simple, works from behind firewalls and works well with
NAT. It's also very simple to install and configure.

The question is also what's between the computers and the remote
drives. What kind of speed? Don't forget ADSL stand for
asynchronous..., meaning the upload is significantly slower than
the download speed. So do you really need to share the drive? or
are there better ways, such as remote sync, terminal server, ...

When the network has to work