RE: Time Zone change and Kerberos Auth

Have you read this yet?,289483,sid1_gci1241193,00.html

May shed some light!

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Subject: Time Zone change and Kerberos Auth

We have a situation where we need to install a piece of software that
requires us to uninstall the ms hotfix KB928388. This of course is the
hotfix that addresses the upcoming changes in DST here in the US. Until
mid march this will not pose a problem. However, seeing how
Authentication in AD/Kerberos is tied very closely with time
synchronizations. We were wondering if there would be a problem with
removing the hotfix and manually setting the clocks on the few machines
that are affected.

My thoughts are that even if we reset the time once they synchronize the
time with the domain controllers they will go back to the hour off and
authentications will fail. Am I wrong in thinking this.