Automatic spam mover

Hi all

We have are using spamassasin to rate incoming mail with
"x-spam-level:" in the mail headers.
Our users are using exchange 2003 and outlook 2002 SP3 to read the
mail. We have many thousand of users and we need an solution to this
- All mail that have "x-spam-level: *****" should be moved to an
folder called "Spam" under the users mail profile.
- The users can decide if he wants to use this filter.

Okay, soo until now we have made this filter manually on every users
that requested it. But we need to script it now becouse its starting
to get to many who wants this.
I'v been looking around for an way to script this but with no luck.
Is there any way to do this? Have an script that the users can run and
activate this filter.. ?

In front thanks

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