Re: 'conflict' between offline files and SMB signing?

Server Message Block communication between a client-side SMB component and a server-side SMB component is not completed if the SMB signing settings are mismatched in Group Policy or in the registry:

Have you seen this KB?

Murad Talukdar wrote:
Hi all,
I've just noticed several machines which all have offline files enabled
(either for redirected folders or for laptops with mapped drives) have a
problem whereby a notification pops up saying that 'You are now working
offline'. This then means that access to the mapped drives is not
possible-all other network access is fine-eg browsing the web and email is
fine-just access to certain file servers(w2003) is not possible.
This can be remedied easily(usually) by double clicking the Offline files
icon in the systray and then synching files.

Now I've narrowed this down to the SMB signing between server/client and
find that if I turn off the signing then the issue does not occur.
A few related problems are that when certain users' passwords expire and
they try to change the password they receive an error saying that the domain
is not available. I can however, reset in Users and Comps and they're good
to go. If they don't 'go online' first and synch up-they cannot themselves
change the password.

I don't want to leave SMB signing off and found a related hotfix
pertaining to this but only for XP1 making me assume that XP2 had fixed
this-which doesn't seem to be the case as I'm still getting problems.



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