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Hi Michael,

I agree with Murda, losing dial-up passwords is not a normal behavior
and setting passwords using plain text scripts is not a good practice
and it doesn't solve the problem at the root.

It may be that something (or someone) is using the machines to connect
to a different ISP and then it tries to revert all the settings but the
password. There are plenty of dialers in the wild and the risk of your
clients connecting to an ISP overseas during the night is not so remote.

If the dial up accounts are used to connect to your server rather than
the Internet I would try to look for traces of Internet use, checking
the browser's cache, history, logs, etc.

Beside the malware changing the dial-up settings, the passwords (and all
the others stored in the user account) may be lost because someone is
resetting the user's password.

Just my two cents,


Murda Mcloud wrote:

I'm glad you found a workaround but I'd be worried that some kind of spyware
or similar may have got on your machine. Anything to do with dialup and
disappearing passwords links etc makes me nervous.

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Problem solved with rasdial.exe, you can simply pass the username and
password directly to it

Michael Chinn wrote:
I am looking for a way to forcibly set the password that a dialup
connection sets from a script/command line, searching has proved
futile. For some unknown reason dialup passwords on client machines
are blanking intermittently.

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