RE: Re: security implications of disabling WMI service

Okay, I found a hotfix at MS for it
and have applied it but it did seem to take a few reboots and disabling then
re-enabling the service before it worked.

Now what I couldn't work out was whether the WMI service needed to be
running WHEN the hotfix was applied(does that make sense?)

So I found that instead of disabling the service through msconfig I rebooted
and then reenabled the service through services.msc and set it to auto and
then rebooted and it worked.
A question I found myself asking also was can I run something like process
explorer or regmon/filemon before logging in? For instance, if a startup
script runs before logon, how do I check what files/services are being

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Hello Harlan,

Yes, by saying "makes use" I mean to say it's an dependency.
"Windows Security Center" & "Windows ICS", both these services depends on
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. If you disable WMI
service, then above mentioned Service would fail to start.

Nikhil Wagholikar
Security Analyst

NII Consulting



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