RE: How can this happen with Windows Vista?

Hello Gerrit,

why do you think, Vista should react on a different way?
You describe how to write an application.

In your case, an application with features like
* IRC Connect
* IRC Command
* HTTP Load...
* ...

Features other application may use in "legal" (normal) terms.

I understand that you might get a little bit afraid. But you cannot check
"Oh, this program use this function on a legal way... this program use this
function to do bad things.

Only, after you detect such a program, you can say "Program with
signature... -> bad!"

Note: If you will use the "clients" for sending spam mails, you will run
into connection problems (only 10 connections are allowed...). Well, you can
manage this problem, send only 8 and wait - right.
=> This is the problem, you cannot prevent.

But this is a "security" feature... (like in XP SP2)

You said that the firewall won't block the program. Vista didn't even
prompt. I don't know, but I mention that vista should check incoming and
outgoing traffic. So the question should be: Why did the program pass the

Have you tested the same application using RC1?