Re: Storing Images in SQL Server (2005)

On 9/19/06 8:57 PM, "mmaples3@xxxxxxxxx" <mmaples3@xxxxxxxxx> spoketh to

I would suggest using views to control access

That's what I was thinking... But I'll look into a way to more easily manage
row-based security a well. While individual views would add complexity to
the overall development structure, the issue of posting active image content
to the DMZ makes it worth it.

In my experience storing and retrieving images from MS SQL is significanly
slower compared to pulling images via a file system.

And I'm not so worried about the performance-- this is a specialized LOB app
that I'm deploying in the DMZ. The image/document publication based on
replication benefits alone make it worth it.

I use ADO stream object to retrieve the images and stream them directly to the
end user browser, I do not use a temporary file. Too hard to come up with
unique names for the temporary file for each user, plus you have clean up of
the temporary files.

Right- in that case, one would definitely have to base the retrieval on
separate views or row-based. So it looks like I'm on the right track with
all of this.