Re: Whole disk encryption

Good to hear first hand experience. When I have some spare time, I
think I'll perform some experiments. However, your (limited) success
is encouraging. I'm sure that the limitations of TrueCrypt will be
overcome in future versions, as this seems to be an actively developed


On 8/31/06, Biassoni Riccardo <r.biassoni@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Kurt,

I expirienced an access problem with a 10GB partition encrypted with Truecrypt: I was able to open a single folder with more than 2GB data only with command line using start->run... and pointing directly to it.
Every time that I attempted to use explore and traverse to that folder the system hangs irremediabily.

Maybe this was only a problem on my HD,
I think that Truecrypt could works well even on a VM image.