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Until they invent the ITVP (Intention Transfer and Validation Protocol),
I have to assume that a given request is valid unless and until it
contains enough internal inconsistencies to be fairly obvious. Goodness
knows I've certainly sent out my share of queries over the years that,
looking back on them after all was said and done, could have been (and
may very well have been) thought of as dodgy.

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Assuming this isn't a domain level account (and is just a nice local
account), then a tool like ntpasswd will do you nicely for resetting
the password. If you have another account with admin access on the
box, then you can reset the password that way as well.

If it's a domain level account, and you have another domain admin,
the solution is similarly simple, just reset the password in Active

As for your .pst file, I'm pretty sure it lives in the Local Settings
folder in your profile folder, wherever that is on your setup (my
only experience is with roaming profiles, so I'm not much help to you

To the rest of the list:
Doesn't this smell like a social engineering attempt to you? I'm not
saying it is, and I do not mean to offend Michael, but my mind
instantly jumped to social engineering. "How do I recover my
password" is often "How do I crack someone else's password". I
suppose if we're just looking for .pst files, it's harmless enough,
and seems fairly legitimate, but there is something at the back of my
mind saying "wait a moment".

Just my thoughts,

On 06/08/2006, at 10:56 AM, Michael Mooney wrote:

Hi All.
Hope that someone can save me some time and reduce some stress.

A friend of mine changed their Administrator password and then
forgot what
it was.
They called Dell for an assist and Dell suggested they create
another user
account with admin privileges.
That worked fine and they were able to get into the system.
HOWEVER, when they tried accessing Outlook, all the email was gone
as well
as the address book.
They've checked the directories and done searches (.pab and .pst)
and all
without success.

Any assistance would be most deeply appreciated.