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They are still in the "Documents and Settings" folder under the old
administrator account name. This will be a subfolder under "Documents and

You didn't find them on the search because windows doesn't search this
folder by default.

They are there. Just drill down or execute the search starting with the old
administrator account under the "Documents and Settings" folder. It will
search these folder if explicitly told to.

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Hi All.
Hope that someone can save me some time and reduce some stress.

A friend of mine changed their Administrator password and then forgot what
it was.
They called Dell for an assist and Dell suggested they create another user
account with admin privileges.
That worked fine and they were able to get into the system.
HOWEVER, when they tried accessing Outlook, all the email was gone as well
as the address book.
They've checked the directories and done searches (.pab and .pst) and all
without success.

Any assistance would be most deeply appreciated.



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