username change best practices...

Hi all,
I seem to remember being given the advice on an MS course for giving a new
user same privileges/access etc as the old user they were replacing by just
renaming the current account in AD User+Comps.

How does this affect things like profile paths on a workstation? It seems
that when I do this for instance, profile path stays as 'c:\docs and
settings\usernameold' etc but the new user, ie usernamenew, sees that 'old'
profile when logging into the machine. What are the security implications of
this if any? We don't use roaming profiles as no-one roams.

And how does this affect security issues for VB scripts that run using
parameters like SPECIAL FOLDERS (eg My Documents/desktop) etc? Is there some
accepted practice for renaming the local profile path-vis a vis security


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