Free encryption and credential management tools for Windows

A write up covering the "Free" encryption and credential management
tools shipped with HP and Dell Laptops:

Covers TPM, biometrics, encryption, credential management, SSO to
applications etc.

Would like to receive comments / criticism.


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    ... But when I opened them with their own applications, ... The main solution is to import the account certificates that XP didn't require you to export when you first invoked encryption. ... The alternative solution is to use the Recovery Agent system that didn't have to be specified either. ... They didn't do anywhere near as good a job at making sure average users were protected from or even aware of its implications and the shortcomings of their model. ...
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    ... I use an encryption application called TrueCrypt, you can get it at ... From the True Crypt web site, it has the following features: ... Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. ... First, I created an encrypted virtual volume, and for the applications that have personal data I don't want compromised, I create directories in the virtual volume and edit the application preferences to store my data into these folders. ...
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