RE: Controlling specific USB devices on Windows XP

I haven't been following this thread closely so I don't know if anyone
has explored this solution. Windows XP and I think 2000 support
disabling USB Mass Storage devices via a registry "hack" for lack of a
better word.
This can be incorporated into a .adm file and added to Group Policy.
Copy the text between the stars but don't include the stars. Paste into
a file called (whatever).adm. Upload to group policy.

You can also read the following text and just manually input these
registry settings.

I chose the group policy method and put in a dev environment. Later it
was cleared for production and has come in handy many times so far.

One caveat is that there is a high likely hood that digital cameras will
break and you will have to manually exclude those computers.

CATEGORY "Custom Policies"
KEYNAME "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor"
POLICY "USB Mass Storage Installation"
EXPLAIN "When this policy is enabled, USB mass storage device
permissions can be changed by using the drop down box.

Selecting 'Grant Permission' will allow USB mass storage devices to be
installed. Selecting 'Deny Permission' will prohibit
the installation of USB mass storage devices.

IF REMOVING THIS POLICY: Reset to original setting and let policy
propegate before deleting policy."
NAME "Deny Permission" VALUE NUMERIC 4


Dan Bullock

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I think that we're missing something in this discussion - namely that
usb lockdown is something that we will have no choice BUT to do - up
now shutting down usb ports has been the easy work around - via bios,
loading the device drivers or just disabling the port.

The problem is that many hardware vendors are moving towards usb as the
all and end all - how many new computers are being sold with no ports
than usb - parallel, serial, ps2 - all gone...

What about laptops where the internal connection is via usb - either for
hard drive or the onboard cd/dvd ... Disabling the usb is no longer an

We've all got privacy legislation that we have to concern ourselves
not to mention corporate data - if we don't do our due diligence and
restrict the kinds of devices that can access the ports, then we have no
guarantee that info isn't leaving the company.

Roman Iwasjuk
Systems Manager
Buduchnist Credit Union Ltd

On 6/15/06, George Njoku <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Gentlemen, this USB lock down for certain device is a nice idea, but
just not necessary

George Njoku
Turner Engineering, Inc.

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