RE: Controlling specific USB devices on Windows XP

Nothing is stopping you, but if you had a way to stop that, wouldn't
you use it? So you're saying I shouldn't wory about USB blocking,
because I have no way to stop other methods yet? Should the bank not
lock it's doors at night because a burglar could just break a window?
And no, that wouldn't set off the security alarm, because we found a way
to get in without tripping it, so we followed your logic and disabled it
all together.

Also, I'm much more likely to get caught with a stack of paper I've
printed out, or sitting there taking pictures of my screen (gee, no one
would find that odd....). Plus I can get thousands of records on a
thumb drive in no time. How long would it take to print a thousand
records to my printer, or take a thousand pictures with my camera?

And lastly, a "client confidentiality agreement"? You want to base your
security policy around the fact that your workers signed a client
confidentiality agreement, therefore you know they won't break it? Have
fun with that, or check your newspaper for a reality check. Workers
breaking coporate agreements, as well as laws protecting confidentiality
of client information are being broken on regular occurance.

Brady McClenon
Administrative Computer Services
State University College at Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820

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And what's to stop you from printing out the records, taking
snapshots of screen with camera.

If you have access to bank records in your job, and you
really want to take records home, nothing stops you. That's
why I should assume that their was some clients
confidentiality agreement you signed during your hire.

George Njoku
Turner Engineering, Inc.

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See inline...

Not really. Say I work at a bank, and I require the 'privilege' to
access to people bank records while performing my job at
work. Do I
need to be able to take that information home with me? No,
but what's
stopping me from downloading thousands of records to my thumb drive
and taking it home and selling it to whomever will buy the


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