RE: Controlling specific USB devices on Windows XP

Ken, There are other commercial packages like Reflex Disknet pro and
Control Guards's Endpoint access manager. I have evaulated both. Both
these are good. One feature that's stands out in Reflex Disknet pro is
you encrypt USB Memory stick and also allocate Mem stick for corp and
private purposes such that policy will dictate encryption for crop usage
and not for private use. Yes they support , adminster and manage

Control guard is better management GUI and can approve the USB based on
serial no , vendor , make model etc..

Hope that helps ... Cheers


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Subject: Controlling specific USB devices on Windows XP

I am investigating the possibility of locking down Windows computers to
only allow specific USB devices to attach. I'm considering the mtrust
product from, which the marketing materials say can
force users to only use their particular USB storage devices (or those
that they OEM to others, like Kingston, Verbatim, etc.).

Does anyone have experience with this package? If so, what are the pros
and cons?

Also, are there other solutions are out there that can ensure only
specific USB storage devices are allowed on a system?

Is there anything specific for biometric USB storage?

Any comments on the effectiveness of such software?


Ken S



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