Re: Autorun in screensaver

Hi Ricci,
That really depends on your environment. I know for a fact that you can
craft an autorun program in Windows 9x (Probably ME too) that will run with
the credentials of the logged-on user and will execute even while the
computer is "locked" in screensaver. I can confirm it works with CDROMs and
USB disks. Seems like MS would have disabled it in 2k/XP though, not to
mention the servers.

On Monday 08 May 2006 15:39, ricci@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello All,

I'm conducting a security assessment and suddenly I got an interesting
question. When I inserted an USB hard disk with screensaver turned on, I
can see that my hard disk has been enabled and autoplay must have been
executed. However, can an autorun program be executed when screensaver
turned on? Is there any way that I can make the autorun executed even with
screensaver turned on?

Please advise.




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