RE: trouble using SSL on WSUS

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: From: Bart Poort [mailto:bggp@xxxxxxxxx]
: Sent: Tuesday, 21 March 2006 7:36 PM
: To: focus-ms@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
: Subject: RE: trouble using SSL on WSUS
: On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Bart Poort wrote:
: > You where right. I impoted the root certificate on the clients and then
: > the problem was solved.
: But it caused an other strange problem.
: I imported the root certifcate that signed mine into the local computer
: "trusted CA" on the clients. Since i've done that i'm not able to browse
: other sites that use a certificate signed with the same root certificate.
: It says "The page could not be displayed". When i remove the root
: certificate the problem is solved. It seems that there is a conflict with
: the root certificate.

Apologies for coming in late here, but "Page Can Not Be Displayed" is a
pretty generic error message.

What do you see further down below? Do you see a HTTP status code? If so,
what is it? Or do you see "Can not find server or DNS error"? (in which case
the request is not making it to the server, or the server isn't responding).

Is there anything logged on the client or server event logs about not being
able to negotiate a secure SSL channel?


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