RE: user logon script context....


It is not possible to run logon scripts under a different context. You
might be able to change the context in the script with runas, but this
will require using a password in a script.

You might want to look at using computer startup scripts. These will
run in the context of local system; however, you will not be able to
know what user will be on the system.


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Okay a further google showed me the answer--but some clarification would
great-can logon scripts be set to run under a chosen context?

Ie, if I don't want it to run under either SYSTEM or localadmin, can
this be
done? (I get the feeling this could be no).

Murad Talukdar

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From: Murad Talukdar [mailto:talukdar_m@xxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: user logon script context....

Hi guys,
Can anyone point me to a paper detailing what security context a User
script runs under?

I want to know what kind of permissions a script(well, I understand that
doesn't have permissions itself but runs AT a certain level of access)
when that user logs one.

For instance, if the user is just a restricted user locally, should I be
able to call a .exe in the script which loads and writes to the c drive?
this to be done through a GPO.

Kind Regards
Murad Talukdar



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