RE: Security templates and settings in Windows XP

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> Subject: RE: Security templates and settings in Windows XP
> IMO, it's just a matter of doing your homework, really. The
> bypass traverse issues were only due to the fact that certain
> admins didn't research it before implementing. The MS
> Security Templates are often much improved when adding bits
> and pieces of your own, (making your own ADM files or
> altering existing ones.) MS defaults don't hold a lot of
> water much of the time but are certainly good things to use
> if you're just learning active directory, etc.

Research? It took Zotob 6 or 7 days to come out after MS05-39. There's a
0-day for WMF which has been out for two days now:

I'd love to have the time to research updates before applying them but I
think there's more risk in waiting than in having MS standard templates
applied. It won't surprise me in the slightest when I start getting WMF
exploit emails with the pictures embedded (rather than linked). I just
wonder whether Microsoft will have a patch out in time. I can tell you I
won't be taking the time to research it before pushing the update

Derick Anderson