RE: prevent DHCP server giving out leases to non-domain machines?

There are DHCP products that require authentication prior to giving out
a DHCP address and these can be linked to AD. This can be setup to
require a user to authenticate before the first IP address is handed
out. During the renewals you might be able to use the Machine
authentication to renew an IP address.


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Subject: prevent DHCP server giving out leases to non-domain machines?

Is there a way to stop a W2003 DHCP server from giving out leases for
if a machine does not belong to the domain?
Or is this a fruitless question that someone simply needs to point out
something very simple to me.

A machine can't join the domain if it doesn't have an IP first(chicken
egg type thing) I can see that but obviously I'm missing something
here-perhaps it's a question of layers-the domain is working at a
Kind Regards
Murad Talukdar



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