Re: RE: Changing local admin PW using vb logon script - can it be encrypted?

Hi Jason,
That does help, thank you and thanks to everyone for the help and bountiful responses.

We are really most concerned with casual viewing of the script though by users,etc. With that in mind, I think I've settled on using the Windows Script Encoder. This will encode the vbscript to the point of unreadability, again, only from the casual standpoint. We're not ultimately concerned about packet sniffers so IPSEC would be overkill.

On the note of using Windows Script Encoder (and this is probably the wrong place to ask); has anyone successfully used this to encode a working script? I got the script (VB) running on my computer. I run the encoder and it seems to succesfully encode the script. I attempt to run it and it doesn't seem successful. It won't debug itself either so I'm having a hard time figuring out what is happening between the encode and the run that is breaking it.

I apologize if this has moved off topic and thank everyone again for your help and suggestions.