Changing local admin PW using vb logon script - can it be encrypted?

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster. We have roughly 500 computers that we?d like to change the local admin passwords on. We realize the security risks of having 1 password on all of our computers and are willing to assume that risk. We?ve developed a VB script that we can implement as a logon script that works perfectly to change the password. We do not want this script sent along as clear text if we can avoid it. Is there any way we can encrypt this script?

We?ve looked at options such as using Windows permissions to either deny Domain Users access (preventing anyone from reading the script) or allowing only Domain Computers Read Only access?however I think that if you are logged into a local computer you should be able to read the script. Not to mention, if you could capture the packets, you could easily find the script and its contents so permissions would matter at all in that scenario.

Any help and/or insight is greatly appreciated.