RE: Latest patches: restart issues?

From: Samson Lee (
Date: 08/22/05

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    Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 13:49:43 -0400
    To: "Manuel J. Morales" <>, <>


    Are you running and APC Powerchute services? I have this issue with any
    of my win2000/win2003 servers after I updated. I found that the services
    were taking forever to start up and thus causing the server to act like

    The solution was found on APC's website which stated that due to the
    expiration of the Sun Java Runtime environment certificates expired on
    July 27, 2005, versions 6.x Powerchute will stop running normally. The
    fix is to install the latest version 7.04 from the website.

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    Subject: Re: Latest patches: restart issues?


    I just applied these MS updates to two(2) Win2k3 Standard Edition
    both running MS Exchange 2003.

    One came up no problem. The other allows a terminal session but will
    spin after accepting login credentials - "Applying Computer Settings"

    The shutdown command is not being allowed due to the server doing some
    higher processing (maybe the terminal session loop?!?).

    > C:\shutdown -r -f -m \\foundry
    > foundry: The computer is processing another action and thus cannot be
    > down.
    > Wait until the computer has finished its action, and then try
    > again.(21)

    I thought I could restart TS via the Manage Computer MMC but this
    has all the control options grayed out. It was set to Manual startup and
    I tried to change it to Automatic but after I applied it the MMC just

    So I have seen this in 50% of my servers. I am running RTM version with
    prior updates.


    > From: Trevor <>
    > Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 12:04:41 -0700
    > To: <>
    > Subject: Latest patches: restart issues?
    > I'm having multiple servers having issues restarting after installing
    > the latest patches for Win2K3 (SP1 or RTM). The server will still
    > respond to ping, SMB/CIFS, Exchange, SQL, but not terminal services.
    > can issue them a shutdown -r -f -m \\servername and they will restart
    > that point.
    > Anyone else experiencing the same thing? This isn't with all servers,
    > but I've had a couple doing this.
    > -Trevor

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