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Date: 06/15/05

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    Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 16:27:46 +0200
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    Be careful about opening up too much file and registry ACLs, at least
    when it comes to write permissions. Any default ACL you'll open up will
    also be accessible to any other process, and you don't want programs
    like Outlook and Internet Explorer having, for example write access to
    Program Files, HKLM, SystemRoot and so on.

    An alternative, free for local policies, is DesktopStandard PolicyMaker
    Application Security which allows you to set per process rules
    (privileges, groups membership, etc.).



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    > and use this scanner. But only an user with an
    > can use this
    > scanner.

    Usually this is just because of a few missing file or registry
    permissions and can be fixed without the need to grant Admin privileges.
    Filemon and Regmon from or other utilities can help
    you determine what needs to change.

    > I thought that I can create a kind of "weakAdmin"
    which can
    > only use this
    > scanner (and can't install some software, remove
    users .... )
    > Every user can
    > then use scanner (as "weakAdmin") and the
    (power-)full Admin
    > will be reserved
    > only for me. Or do you think it can be solved with
    an usergroup?

    The latter. You cannot reliably create a weak Admin
    account and give the user the password. My previous
    suggestion about the RunAs icon, while not 100%
    secure, is still a possibility.


    kind regards,

    Karl Levinson, CISSP

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