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Date: 03/28/05

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    There is a Network Access Quarantine service in WS03 that works in
    conjunction with RRAS, Connection Manager and optionally a RADIUS
    server. It lets you run scripts on the clients to determine whether
    they meet your connection level policy requirements. Not a "true"
    security mechanism, but a first step toward their longer term quarantine
    plans at the network level.

    More info at

    I haven't deployed or implemented this personally so I can't comment in
    that regard. I just happen to know about it.

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            Anybody out there using quarantining/policy enforcement
    solutions with MS' vpns? We run ISA 2004 and I see they have a
    quarantine feature with limited functionality. I'd like something that
    can be used to enforce a security policy on the client side. Ideas?



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