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Date: 03/23/05

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    "Scope" is determined in the context of the current IP settings.
    If the domain subnet is 10.9.8/24 and the home net is 123.123.123/24,
    then the Windows Firewall adjusts to that and deals with traffic
    according to basic subnetting rules.

    It really doesn't matter what the subnet is; if the scope is defined as
    "subnet", then all hosts in the current subnet are able to touch that

    Jim Harrison
    Security Business Unit (ISA SE)

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    Hi List,
    When users with SP2 firewall enabled are out of the office, I understand
    there is a difference between the domain settings and non domain
    but how does the firewall 'recognise' the boundaries of the scope?

    What if scope is subnet and they simply connect to an identical
    sure how likely that is) I think this would mean they are open on those
    ports that I have set exceptions for.

    Kind Regards
    Murad Talukdar



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