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From: Miroslaw Slawek Chorazy (
Date: 03/04/05

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    Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 14:35:46 -0600
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    >Is there a way to use a Group Policy to force folder encryption for a
    >>specific folder on a group of PCs (XP) ?

    A local or network folder?

    If local then there i am not aware of simple setting for this but you
    could write a script which is a machine startup script and enforces the
    local directory encryption. You could make that script execute on
    specific computers which are filtered via either: WMI, OU or Security
    Group during computer startup.
    But if your users are local admins then i think they can un-encrypt.
    Anything below local Admin does not allow them to overwite.

    If network folder than make that folder part of your Offline files
    hierarchy and there is a GPO setting to force encryption.
    Again, if they are local admins then they can overwrite.

    >>> <> 3/4/2005 10:00 >>>
    Is there a way to use a Group Policy to force folder encryption for a
    specific folder on a group of PCs (XP) ?
      - Kurt



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