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Date: 01/19/05

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    The fact that IIS can be made secure does not mean it should be
    installed on a domain controller. When IIS is installed on a Domain
    Controller the impact of a sucessful hack is much greater than when it
    is installed on a member server. If I compromise an IIS machine, I can
    gain access to all the user accounts stored on this machine. In the
    case of a Domain Controller, this gives me access to every account in
    the Domain. From here I have access to all the data stored on Windows
    machines in your network.

    If the machine that is compromised is a member IIS server the hacker
    will only have access to the local accounts and passwords. While they
    can still use this to attack the domain controllers, they will have some
    additional effort involved.

    While I can protect each IIS server equally well, the damage potential
    of the IIS server on a DC is much greater. This is why it is considered
    a best security practice not to place IIS on a DC.


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    Aren't we all missing something here as far as this discussion of
    additional protection and IIS in general?

    Didn't an IIS server survive OpenHackIV with IIS, SQL and IPsec? [IIS
    5 even]

    *Using IPsec for Network Protection. Part 1 of 2*
    Last month I introduced you to IPsec, a wonderful but sometimes
    bewildering bit of technology. Now that you understand what it is and
    how it works, this month I'd like to highlight IPSec's ability to help
    solve three common security problems.

    I know about it...but know that I need wizards to help me do it
    right..... but that's just me. I like wizards to help me do my job.
    Command lines that include "netsh ipsec static add filter" needs to be
    made easier IMHO.


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