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From: Jamie Fullerton (
Date: 01/10/05

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    Our experience with this group has been more than satisfactory and yes they
    did sign off on any legal disclosures and security policies we have at the
    bank. We have used them for close to two years and see no reason to bring
    this particular part of security back internally.

    But you're right it will vary greatly company to company but that seems to
    be true of anything in this business.

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    Oh god no.

    It can be a big (and very expensive) pain in the ass.

    I have been in this situation before at one of the client sites I worked at.
    If there were any changes that needed to be made you had to call the
    company, wait on hold, then describe the change you needed to make to a help
    center then wait for someone to get back to you. Many times the person who
    was making the change was not a security or networking expert and made the
    situation worse. And no, this was not some small fly by night security

    People who offer this type of service often tell you that you will get
    prompt, expert service instantly. And, maybe some providers actually do
    provide prompt, expert service, but I have yet to see or hear about it.

    What is worse is that they may start out great. They are jonny-on-the-spot
    will all your security needs and desires. But companies change...

    Finally, can you completely trust their company? I know they will say you
    can. But can you? Did their employees sign of on your rules of behavior? Is
    their network secure? Remember that you are basically handing off the keys
    to your kingdom to a bunch of unknown individuals.

    If cost is an issue there are great open source resources. In the long run
    it may be cheaper to train someone to manage it internally.

    This is strictly my opinion based on one bad experience and a few stories.
    But, sitting their on hold while my client's network was vulnerable gave me
    allot of time to think.


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    Good morning,
    Would the possibility of outsourcing your company's firewall be viable?
    Currently our company uses a group called MessageSecure Corporation to
    handle our major firewall and proxy services. They ship us a firewall/proxy
    device (Unix based I believe) to put on site and it generates reports that
    we may monitor. Their group also monitors performance and alert us to any
    suspicious activity via cell phone or email.


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    From: Murad Talukdar []
    Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 9:22 PM
    Subject: suggestions for proxy server to run on w2003 box.. :VSMail mx2

    Hi, I was hoping I could get some suggestions as to what kind of proxy
    server would be best to use to control access (as well as be used as proxy
    server) for sharing a 2Mb connection. We have a LAN with 30-40 users and
    need to control 10-15 of them to the point of only allowing certain sites.

    I was thinking of loading it onto a W2003 box.

    I was thinking ISA but not sure if I can convince bean counters of the


    Kind Regards
    Murad Talukdar





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