RE: GPO that forces users to use a proxy server.
Date: 10/30/04

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    Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 16:03:16 +0100
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    Expanding on Drew's idea, if you use logon and logoff scripts in GPO, you can put create a GPO for your laptop users, and get it to run a script on login that backs up the proxy settings, and then changes them to your corporate ones. Upon logoff, another script runs which restores the backed up proxy settings.
    A bit complex, but should work.
    Just as an aside, why are your users using their corporate pc's to dial up to an ISP? Does this not present a risk to your organisation from things like viruses & other forms of malware?

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            Every time I visit there is an ad for Mobile Switch Network. Is that
            something that could help?
            Failing that, a GPO is but a bunch of registry changes. You could quite
            easily provide a script to punch entries into the appropriate fields (ask
            them the proxy name, port, etc). These would then get over-written by the
            policy when they connect their laptops back to the company network.
            Another way is to give them another separate browser :)
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            From: Ryan Parrish []
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            Subject: GPO that forces users to use a proxy server.
            We are trying to implement a GPO that forces all users/computers to use a
            proxy sever for there internet access in the company, but have hit a snag.
            We have lots of laptop users that we found during testing when they take
            there laptops home they can access the internet using there own ISP since we
            set the policy to use a proxy server that is not available to the outside
            internet, thus they get no internet access.
            Has anybody dealt with this kind of situation before? Is there a way to set
            a GPO to only be active during business hours?
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