RE: GPO that forces users to use a proxy server.

From: Jim Harrison (ISA) (
Date: 10/30/04

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    Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 15:17:59 -0700
    To: "Philip Wagenaar" <>, <>

    Sorry; ISA 2004 doesn't add anything that will make this problem any easier to solve.
    If the browser is configured to use a specific proxy, it'll stick with that idea, come what may.

    "Automatic configuration" is the only way to allow "self-adjustment" for IE.

    Another thing to keep in mind; if you use a firewall client on the laptops, this can adversely affect your client's ability to "switch modes" when they go home.
    As with IE, the best setting for the ISA firewall client is "automatically detect". This allows it to "self-disable" when it can't find an ISA server.
    This firewall client setting requires that you configure wpad support in your networks.
    It's all discussed in the ISA help and at

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    I believe ISA Server 2004 can tackle this problem. It set's two different
    rules for clients connected to the domain and another if the client is not
    connected to the domain. The idea here is that clients outside your network
    can be restricted more. I am not sure, but I guess you could also set rules
    about using proxies.

    Philip Wagenaar

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    Van: Ryan Parrish []
    Verzonden: donderdag 28 oktober 2004 21:28
    Onderwerp: GPO that forces users to use a proxy server.

    We are trying to implement a GPO that forces all users/computers to use a
    proxy sever for there internet access in the company, but have hit a snag.
    We have lots of laptop users that we found during testing when they take
    there laptops home they can access the internet using there own ISP since we
    set the policy to use a proxy server that is not available to the outside
    internet, thus they get no internet access.
    Has anybody dealt with this kind of situation before? Is there a way to set
    a GPO to only be active during business hours?


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