Re: VBScript to audit shares and share permissions

From: `blah (
Date: 09/24/04

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    Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 02:56:34 +0200


    You can also use SRVCHECK tool included in Windows Server Resources Kit.

    A simple script will allow you to scan all your network.

    More info:

    The bad side is that, by myself, I could see that sometime it seems not to
    see all shares. Don't know if I'm alone to have this problem.

    But usually, it lists most of shares with Group/user access and type of


    Jesse ADAM.

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    From: "Jim Harrison (ISA)" <>
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    Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 6:55 AM
    Subject: RE: VBScript to audit shares and share permissions includes code to enumerate
    shares on the local machine, share permissions, the shared folder and
    its permissions as well.
    The HTA only scans an ISA 2004 server (surprised?), but you can C&P from
    it to your heart's desire.
    There are several functions / pseudo-classes involved since its part of
    an overall server data-gathering tool, but you should be able to
    identify the relevant parts.

    I know it's not VBScript, but it does include what you're asking for...

    Jim Harrison
    MCP(NT4/2K), A+, Network+
    Security Business Unit (ISA SE)

    "The the last 10 years of Internet usage has disproven
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    Subject: RE: VBScript to audit shares and share permissions


    Thanks for both of your responses.

    Wes, in looking over the Perl Script, unless I am missing it, the code
    doesn't appear to list Share and Directory permissions for each share,
    is really the thing that I'm after. If I missed the line(s) of code, I
    apologize in advance.

    Lucas, these shares aren't published in AD to my knowledge so I think
    out of luck using your script.

    I need a good way to automate the process of checking a list of hosts
    shares that allow Everyone access at the share level and Everyone access
    file system level (and maybe some other permissions). I can get this
    from Dumpsec, but one host at a time, and it's a manual process.

    I am also trying to avoid writing this myself, since I don't have,
    what's it
    called? Free time? :)

    I hope I can find a script or a package that will do this already (I've
    tried picking through various Nessus plugins and such).

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    Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 2:54 PM
    To: 'Klenke, Brian';
    Subject: RE: VBScript to audit shares and share permissions

    You can use a Perl script that produces the same output, and more
    account enumeration etc.):


    >I am looking for a VBScript that will return a list of shares of a
    computer, along with each share's share
    >permissions and NTFS permissions...
    >Brian Klenke, CISSP CCNA


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