Re: Windows 2000 Administrator lockout
Date: 08/16/04

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    To: "Robert Ritchey" <>
    Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:17:23 -0300

    Hi Robert,

    Please download the file

    and generate a linux boot disk with rawrite.exe

    Later, boot the server with the floopy disk and follow instructions on
    screen, it`s simple.



    Alessandro Araújo Artagnan
    Storage and Backup Administration
    Grupo SondaImarés / CTBC Telecom

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                                                   Assunto: Windows 2000 Administrator lockout
                          13/08/2004 06:55

    Hello All,

    The network that I have is rather small. 1 server, and 4 workstations.
    I inherited the systems. There has been no administrator working there
    for a little over a year. What administrator that was there, was very
    much non-technical.

    When the network was built whoever built the server installed everything
    they possibly could. This system now how few main functions:
    1. File server
    2. Internet Gateway
    3. Symantec Virus manager

    Nobody knows any of the passwords for anything on the system. Any of
    the passwords that are in use are not allowed administrator access. I
    do mean for anything! I can't even get Symantec to update virus
    signatures, as I do not have a password to do the update with. The
    signature is like 2003 date.

    It is just very frustrating!

    I am looking for options, before I have to go and reformat and rebuild.
    This would in some ways make life simpler, there are wrinkles in that
    all of there operational data and other services are on the server. We
    are currently moving foreword with a plan to rebuild. This will happen;
    I would rather pick the time to do it. Rather than have it forced on

    Does anyone know of any other way to take control of this machine and

    Thanks for your time and any ideas will be appreciated.

    Robert Ritchey



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