Re: Workstation service deletes itself??

From: Harlan Carvey (
Date: 05/24/04

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    Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 11:55:56 -0700 (PDT)


    I doubt that the Workstation service has deleted
    itself. Have you checked under the Services key in the
    Registry to see if it's still there?

    You said, "i do some tricks to stop virus and hacker
    attacks.", and provided a list of closed services, but
    not much else. Maybe some of these other "tricks" you
    did had something to do with what you're experiencing.
     However, without a detailed understanding of what
    you've done, we won't be able to tell.

    --- Yasin AYDIN <> wrote:
    > I'm new here. I am in a university campus and have
    > an ip in the network.
    > After installing a new windows to my machine, before
    > plugging the LAN cable,
    > i do some tricks to stop virus and hacker attacks.
    > Some of them shown below, with the windows version
    > on top:
    > WindowsXP English ServicePack1 +wu
    > (build,2600,xpsp2,030422-1633)
    > closed services
    > ----------------------
    > DNS client
    > Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
    > Application Layer Gateway Service (ALG)
    > Distributed Link Tracking Client (trackworks)
    > Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC)
    > Error Reporting Service
    > Fast User Switching Compatibility
    > Indexing Service
    > IPSEC Services
    > Machine Debug Manager
    > Protected Storage
    > Remote Registry
    > Routing and Remote Access
    > Secondary Logon
    > System Restore Service
    > SSDP Discovery Service
    > TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (LMHOSTS)
    > Telnet
    > Universal Plug and Play Device Host
    > Upload Manager
    > WebClient
    > Windows Time
    > Wireless Zero Configuration
    > and i use Norton Antivirus 2003
    > i also use ZoneAlarm Pro (4,5,594), ((close
    > but after a number of reboot (daily home usage),
    > when i look at the
    > services(.msc), i see the workstation service is no
    > more existing.
    > why is that? could it be a new windows update that
    > closes(or renames) it??


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