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From: Hernan Marcelo Racciatti (
Date: 02/24/04

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    Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:04:18 +0000

    >If I go to and enter my website, Netcraft will
    >display my web servers OS, determined from the TCP/IP packet. Is there a
    >in the windows registry to prevent Netcraft (or anyone else) from
    >identifying my OS? On the page,1.html in
    >paragraph titled "Netcraft is Watching", it briefly describes that registry
    >changes can be made. Can someone please give me some specific registry
    >changes to prevent others from identifying my web servers OS?


    Mmmm.. I think .. firewall is the best option. Edit metabase for change
    banner's in SMTP and HTTP service (In some cases URLScan and some changes in
    metabese make an good job too). Respect to TCP/IP settings, all of the
    TCP/IP parameters are registry values located under the registry key:


    (GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize, TcpWindowSize, Tcp1323Opts)



    Note: I recommend test this in NO PRODUCTION server. altering these settings
    will affect your server's performance in diverse ways. Pleasee care! In the
    major case one valuer setting is a multiple of other value... mmm a TCP/IP
    knowledge is very important for this settings function.

    Some links:

    Good luck!

    Hernán Marcelo Racciatti


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