Re: Need free app for viewing metadata in Word documents

From: Harlan Carvey (
Date: 02/06/04

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    Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 11:41:56 -0800 (PST)
    To: Michael Boyle <>,


    I'm having a little trouble following your
    post...largely b/c the content seems to be different
    from the subject line.

    Is this post about "viewing" or "removing" metadata?

    > Follow MS suggestions as previously posted.
    > Then:
    > Try "Remove Hidden Data" rhdtool.exe - can be used
    > as command line, I
    > believe, even if you don't have XP/2003. Just can't
    > use on a higher
    > version than what you currently have installed.

    Higher version of what? The site for the tool says
    you need Office 2K3 or XP...not just the os.

    > You may end up with a huge RTF like file
    > demonstrating that the document
    > still contains previous version data. If so, then
    > use File -> Versions...
    > and delete the versions listed, making your new copy
    > the first.

    May? Have you tested it?

    > A way to get an idea of success would be to save as
    > an HTML document, and
    > then view the XML Tag code for clues that might give
    > information away.
    > Note neither File...Save as or Remove Personal Data
    > really does the trick
    > completely. RTF seems to work fairly well at
    > removing unwanted data.


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