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Date: 01/20/04

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    If the component or application only runs on one machine, there may be an
    advantage to using a local account rather than a domain account from a
    performance standpoint. A local account is authenticated by the security
    database on that machine, not on a domain controller which may not be the
    same machine.

    From a security standpoint, the answer depends on the security of the domain
    and its structure versus the security of the local machine. A local machine
    can be locked up physically and logically hardened much more than a domain
    controller which may need to be used by many individuals and thus needs to
    be accessed over the network by many. Even though a domain controller can
    also be physically locked up, evildoers will seek them out much more often
    than a local machine, whose location and address may possibly be kept more

    Of course if many people are using the application, leaving authentication
    to only the local machine may causes problems which can be resolved by a
    domain account, which can be authenticated over several controllers to
    balance workload.

    Encryption of account information (password) and authentication traffic will
    more likely be able to be strong on a local machine than a domain controller
    which may have to accept less encrypted traffic, too.

    I'm sure others will contribute more to your question, but the answer is
    like many other security questions, it all depends on your circumstances and
    risk you need to accept/mitigate.

    Tony Petta, CISSP, MCSE, CNA
    EDS/Xerox Global Information Assurance

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    If you have to install a component or an application that runs using an
    account , what are the disadvantages/risks (from security standpoint)of
    using a Domain Account instead of a Local Account and vice versa.




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