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From: Dennis Dimka (
Date: 01/16/04

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    How would these Administrators enforce this? What keeps a user from walking
    into the premise, and just plugging into the LAN?

    Just curious.

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     What I have seen some do is run the laptops through a "screening
    station" before allowing them back on the net - there is software
    available that will allow you to boot into an a/v solution that will
    scan the hard drive & detect/repair any viruses...

    As stated earlier, education goes a long way in preventing viruses - but
    having a backup plan never hurts!

    Rich Logan
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    This is a common problem with no single solution. No matter what you do,
    the mobile user is going to be a high risk entity. Education of the
    user of their ability to cause harm to their own data and the company
    network is a great start. They need to be aware that their actions can
    cause catastrophic results.
    After education, the following are the most important:

    -Install Personal Firewall and AV on all laptops and make sure you
    educate the users on the function of the software.
            -Lock down the configuration so it cant be disabled by the user
            -Enable aggressive live updates (daily) and scans (daily)

    -Patching Automation - Before your user leaves the network, their
    laptops should be patched with the more recent OS updates.

    -Its best of your laptop users can connect to a "sandbox" network on
    return to the office or if you can separate all physical connection that
    belong to mobile users on a sandbox VLAN. This can be difficult to
    manage depending on your current network design.


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    Subject: About MS-Networking security.

    Hi all, I have a question about portable computer security concern.
    My company have firewall protection, all desktop are behind firewall.
    However, My saleman need to do their business with a Laptop. When
    they're in office. They will connect their laptop to our internet.

    I think it's danger because we don't know it's infected by virus or not.
    can anyone suggest me what to do?



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